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BMP01 - PRAYING GODS - "Ballistic Missal 1997-2000"
BMP02 - PRAYING GODS - "Ballistic Missal 2000-2007"
BMP03 - DIER - "A Dollop of (Dier)"
BMP04 - E. VICTOR C. - "Eviction"
BMP05 - ASSISTANCE - "Samples"
BMP06 - CHAPEAU - "Chained Library"

BANKRUPTCY was established in 1997 as the studio and vanity label of the experimental noise entity Praying Gods and its various side/sub-projects.

In those early days of dial-up internet and limited MP3-awareness, Bankruptcy's first "releases" were large, unwieldy WAV files free to download from its original GeoCities website. This approach, however, quickly proved impractical and Bankruptcy eventually moved on to more traditional cassette and compact disc release formats.

Nevertheless, Bankruptcy has always endeavoured to remain true to its online roots. After various short-lived presences on various short-lived internet audio sites (, IUMA, etc.), Bankruptcy began adding single tracks to the audio community in 2005 - and now Bankruptcy is once again releasing full-length albums via this new Netlabel, which you are presumably at right now.

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ASSISTANCE has, since 2002, been the more serious "harsh noise" alter-ego of Praying Gods. You can instantly tell that Assistance is serious because all of its cover art is in black and white and depicts quite serious things such as spiky balls on a chain, or bullets shooting through a strawberry. What is also quite serious is Assistance's nine-year commitment to acoustic contradiction; ever seeking to blend the frenetic with the deliberate, the heavy with the piercing, and the...
Topics: noise, harsh noise, seriousness
by Praying Gods
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PRAYING GODS , Bankruptcy's original sonic free-for-all, is now free for all to download. "Ballistic Missal 2000-2007" picks up right where "Ballistic Missal 1997-2000" left off, when the more rhythmic/musical elements of PG began to be channeled into new and separate projects, while the Gods themselves start truly developing the sound they would become best known for: utterly stupid shit. From there we travel on to 2003, essentially the final days of Praying Gods'...
Topics: noise, harsh noise, experimental, soundscape, electronic, electroacoustic, musique concrete, prayer